Recycling batteries

We all use them: batteries in our toys, remotes, game controllers – the list goes on! But what happens to them when they die? Instead of tossing them in the bin, recycling is the way to go! It’s good for the environment and super easy to do.

Why Recycle?

Batteries might seem small, but they contain harmful chemicals. If they end up in landfills, those chemicals can leak out and pollute the soil and water. Recycling keeps these nasties out of our environment and helps protect our health.

But It’s Complicated, Right?


Recycling batteries is actually quite simple.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Check the Label: Most batteries will have a recycling symbol on them. This lets you know they can be recycled.
  • Find a Drop-Off Spot: Many stores that sell batteries also have collection bins for dead ones. Electronics stores, supermarkets, and even some hardware stores often participate in battery recycling programs.
  • Look Around Your Town: Many towns and cities have designated battery drop-off locations. Check with your local recycling program or waste management department to find out where yours are.

Top Tips:

  • Don’t mix batteries! Keep different battery types (AA, AAA, etc.) separate in a container before recycling. Some locations might have separate bins for different types.
  • Use a sealed container: This prevents any leaks or corrosion from damaging other batteries.
  • Recycle rechargeable batteries too! These also contain materials that need to be properly disposed of.

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Recycling batteries is a small action that makes a big difference. So, next time you have a dead battery, skip the bin and find a responsible way to recycle!