Aerosol Disposal and Recycling in Ireland

The term “aerosol” technically refers to the contents of the can, but it’s commonly used to describe the container as well.

From deodorants to spray paints, aerosols are used extensively for various purposes globally.

Why Careful Disposal Matters:

While you might know to handle and dispose of aerosols with care, understanding the “why” is crucial. This guide explains everything you need to know about aerosol can disposal in Ireland, from their composition to the importance of responsible disposal and recycling.

How to Dispose of Aerosol Cans:

Emptying the Can:

  • Ensure the can is completely emptied before disposal. Shake it to confirm no liquid movement and spray briefly to check for any residual discharge.

Separating Parts:

  • Remove detachable parts like lids and dispose of them according to their material. Plastic lids might go in your domestic recycling bin, while commercial options might have specific disposal methods based on the material.

Maintaining Can Integrity:

  • Never crush, pierce, or flatten the can. These pressurized containers can explode or cause harm if tampered with. Leave the nozzle intact, even if it’s plastic.

Disposal Location:

  • Check with your local authority for specific guidelines, but generally, empty aerosol cans can be placed in your household recycling bin in Ireland. Businesses can dispose of empty cans in their commercial metal recycling bin or a designated hazardous waste bin.

Collection and Processing:

  • Await collection of your domestic or commercial recycling bins. Place them in the designated pick-up location, and they will be taken to a local recycling facility for further processing.

Additional Notes:

  • Always refer to your local authority’s specific guidelines for the most up-to-date information on aerosol can disposal in your area.
  • Consider contacting your local recycling center if you have any uncertainties about specific types of aerosol cans or their disposal procedures.
  • By disposing of aerosols responsibly, you can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment in Ireland.
Air fresheners aerosol Recycling and Rubbish Removal
Air fresheners aerosol Recycling and Rubbish Removal