Furniture disposal Dublin

Whether you’re moving, getting new furniture/appliances, or simply decluttering, it can be hard to know how to dispose of large, unwanted items. Our waste management company offers hassle free furniture disposal in Dublin and surrounding areas.

The old ratty couch, sofa, the refrigerator that runs constantly and is as loud as a fighter jet, the unsafe trampoline taking up space in the back garden. Do you have a way of how to get rid of old sofa? Rubbish Taxi will be more than happy to offer you sofa disposal, general waste clearance, mattress disposal, rubbish removal Dublin or furniture disposal. Wе’vе bееn hеlріng wіth rеmоvаl оf оld bеdѕ, ѕоfаѕ аnd muсh mоrе аll асrоѕѕ Dublin fоr оvеr tеn уеаrѕ, ѕо wіth uѕ, уоu’ll bе іn ѕаfе hаndѕ. Book online and we’ll collect your furniture from inside, upstairs or outside.