Tips for avoiding Christmas waste

Tips for avoiding Christmas waste

Many of us have probably received gifts we didn’t really want during the holiday season. What happens when you get a gift you don’t really want?

In this case, there are many options. The staggering 33% increase in Christmas gifts spent by Irish shoppers this year compared to 2020 is impressive.

It’s crucial to avoid wasting money with so many people trying to cut corners. You should always request a return or exchange, even if you are gifted something. Some shops may be able to accommodate you as a gesture.

Request a store credit

If you receive a Christmas gift that you don’t like, you can always ask for a return or exchange in the store. Although they aren’t legally required to give one, many shops will accept your return and offer a credit note, refund or exchange as a gesture.

Verify for flaws

Although you may not be entitled to the same legal rights that the gift recipient, it is possible to exchange or return your gift if it is damaged or defective and you retain the receipt. You should inspect the gift carefully for any obvious defects and return it to the shop where it was purchased for a refund.

Ask the seller if the gift was purchased online.

If you received the gift online, it is worth asking who gave it to you. Online shoppers in Ireland have a 14-day cooling period. This is because they cannot view the item before paying. You can ask if the gift was purchased online if you feel comfortable.

Sell your gift online

You can also sell your unwanted gift online via Done deal, Amazon or Adverts if you are unable to get a return or exchange from the shop. You might make some extra cash or get rid of your unwanted gift quickly.

Gifting your present

We’re all guilty of giving our unwanted gifts to others on special occasions and birthdays. Christmas is no exception. It might be cheaper to give the unwanted gift to a friend or family member, which could save you some money.

Donating your gift

If you are thinking of donating your unwanted Christmas gift, it is possible to give them to a local school, charity, or community group. You should verify that the recipient will accept your gift before you give it.

Swap gifts

You can swap gifts with friends who are looking to get rid their unwanted presents. There are also handy apps such as Nuw that allow you to lend or swap your clothes. You can also attend a swap-shop.