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Rubbish removal Tallaght – Waste disposal service from Rubbish-Taxi

If you need to dump bulky waste or you are looking for rubbish removal service in Tallaght and require a larger vehicle because you cannot fit this large, bulky waste into your own vehicle, or because you don’t want to mess up your vehicle with dirty waste, or because you don’t own a vehicle, your local collectors offer the ideal solution for Rubbish-Taxi.

Why choose our waste disposal service in South Dublin

  • We know cost is key and we’re confident you’ll find our rubbish removal service great value.
  • Rubbish-Taxi covers a range of services. We also offer same day and next day service wherever possible.
  • We can clear almost all waste types and recycle them.
  • Certified by the National Waste Collection Permit Office, Rubbish-Taxi is licensed to collect old furniture and specialises in removing large and bulky furniture.

And most of all, we have handy price calculator that will help you to calculate your rubbish removal costs within a minute.

Rubbish removal – Which parts of Dublin 24 (D24) do we cover

Here is a list of Dublin 24 areas, where we provide waste disposal service, attic, back yard, garage & yard clearance:

  • Firhouse,
  • Jobstown,
  • Old Bawn,
  • Tallaght.

If you don’t see your area please give us a ring and we will definitely be able to help you!

Tallaght has an area of 88.2 km². This is more than a neighborhood. It’s one of the biggest urban areas in the country, with roughly the same population as Galway city.

Interesting to know. What does Tallaght mean?

The documented history of Tallaght dates back to early Christian Ireland but the many archaeological sites in the area suggest the presence of Bronze Age and perhaps even earlier settlers in the area. The place name Tallaght is derived from the words támh leacht, meaning a plague burial place.

The 20th century saw the biggest changes taking place in history of Tallaght, however, when it was decided in the 1960s by Dublin County Council planners that a new town would be built around Tallaght village. This decision started the process that turned Tallaght from a small country village into the place we know today.

By the way, The Dublin Mountain Way is a great walking trail that starts at Sean Walsh Park next to the stadium, and runs over the mountains all the way to Shankill.