Recycling Tips and FAQs: What can you recycle here in Ireland

Are you confused? Take a look at our top recycling tips and FAQs. Let’s get started with the basics.

Recycling Tips and FAQs

You should know what you can recycle.


There are three types of materials: paper, card, plastics, and tins cans, foil, and metal packaging. These are the only items that should be recycled – they must be clean, dry, and loose.


Place items in your recycle bin only if they are clean, dry, and unaltered.


Clean out all food and liquids from the packaging. Dry them in the kitchen.

Place the right things in the right place!


There are three types of recycling bins: general waste, compost and recycling. Each has a different job. Recycling facilities receive up to 20% of the general waste and 30% of the non-recyclable material each year. You can find guidance at on which bin to place an item.


Are you looking for more space in your recycle bin?


You should only put recyclables in the recycling bin. Items should be placed loosely, not in bags, flatten boxes, or squash bottles. Ask your waste contractor to provide a second recycling container if you still have not enough space. This will be charged at a minimal cost.

Labels and lids don’t need to be removed.


These can be left on your recyclables, as they will be disposed of in the recycling process.


Recycle your electrical items for free


There are many WEEE recycling centers all across the country that will allow you to recycle your electrical products for free. WeEE is short for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Items that have a battery or plug are eligible. These items can contain dangerous components so don’t place them in your recycling bin. You can either swap WEEE material at an electrical supply store for a similar item, or take it to your local recycling center. More information can be found on the WEEE Ireland website and on


You should not place shoes or clothes in your recycling bin.


Shoes and clothes should not go in your recycling bin. Don’t throw out clothing that you don’t want to reuse. Instead, donate it to charity shops and dedicated clothes banks. Clothing can get wrapped around machinery and cause problems for recycling facilities.


Find out where your nearest bottle bank is or what civic amenity sites are located.


Find out where your nearest bottle bank is located. On, you can search for the nearest recycling center (civic amenity), bring bank, lightbulb drop-off or WEEE recycling point.