Illegal dumping in South Dublin needs to be tackled immediately

Illegal dumping in South Dublin needs to be tackled immediately – Dublin councillor

Littering and illegal dumping are two major problems that need to be tackled

Dublin councillor Alan Edge who represents the Firhouse and Bohernabreena areas believes there are two major problems that need to be tackled immediately, according to Alan says it’s because of the 5km lockdown travel limits in place since the new year and believes littering and illegal dumping are two major problems that need to be tackled.

Rubbish Taxi helps to keep Dublin clean and tidy by providing rubbish removal services but apparently there is more has to be done to improve the situation.

Firhouse and Bohernabreena areas have a lot of increased visitors because it’s in people’s 5k.

“It’s where they can get their exercise and the vast majority respect the area but a small amount don’t.

“The lockdown has meant that there are no official clean-ups happening, so it’s now mainly individuals on their own.

“I have asked for more bins and I’ve been pushy about more bins in Firhouse, but in areas of rural and natural beauty – they shouldn’t be full of bins, it should be up to people to be responsible and take their litter home with them.

More enforcement and tougher fines

“At council level, I’m pushing more enforcement, tougher fines, particularly in regard to illegal dumping.”

“I think there’s a problem with people coming at night and discarding their rubbish out the window and if it’s dark, you can’t see the beautiful countryside that you’re spoiling.

“The guidance is very clear to volunteers, they’re doing great work but they shouldn’t be picking up used PPE.

“They are advised to be extremely careful, make sure to use gloves and to use hand sanitiser.”

Dublin councillor Alan Edge : “I think in terms of littering that it is just a lack of awareness or just a small cohort of people just don’t care.”

The damage that this rubbish is causing to South Dublin

Streams and waterways mostly flowing into the Dodder and in this particular part of South Dublin, there were coffee cups, McDonald’s wrappers in the same stream as frogspawn soon going to be tadpoles.

“It’s striking to look at our precious biodiversity and see what is happening to our water.

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