Drink related waste collected by environmental groups in Tallaght

Drink related waste collected by environmental groups in Tallaght

Environmental groups in Tallaght were out and about over the weekend continuing with their work, while observing social distancing advice that is in place because of Coronavirus, reports The Echo Newspaper.

The first clean-up, organised by the Tallaght Litter Mugs, took place in Sean Walsh Park on Saturday (14 of March), with four volunteers collecting eight full bags of rubbish and a bicycle wheel from the Tallaght Park (Dublin 22).

On Sunday (15 of March), eight volunteers took part in a second clean-up organised by Dodder Valley Litter Mugs in the Dodder Valley Park, as it runs to the rear of Old Bawn Shopping Centre.

Tallaght voluntary waste collection: mattress, two sofa cushions and drink related rubbish

25 bags of rubbish were collected, most of it ‘drink related’, according to volunteers. Local enthusiasts have collected all sort of waste: one mattress, two sofa cushions, three discarded sleeping bags, jackets, election posters etc. Even one of them has found a €20 note!

At Old Bawn, it was apparent to the volunteers observing the accumulation of discarded glass and aluminum alcohol containers that little attempts are made by South Dublin County Council to enforce by-laws pertaining to the public consumption of alcohol, which brings all sort of problems to the Irish capital.

Parks need to be safe places to visit

The problem of illegal dumping is a challenge for all Dublin areas. For example, over half a million euro were spent on waste removal of dumped rubbish from Labre Park. Much of the rubbish is being illegally dumped there by tradespeople and building contractors who don’t live in or near the site.

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